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Flying V Ranch Airstrip Weather Station

Huntsville, Texas USA

Elevation 330 ft.

Current weather data at 6:16 PM     All weather data is updated every 30 minutes.

Current Observations

Currently it is --- and the visibility is 10 mile(s).

Wind is Light Breeze based on last 10 minutes.

Max wind gust was 18.1 MPH from a SSW direction at 9:19 AM

Hours of air frost since midnight - 00:00


Webcam Temporarily Offline

Voice Weather Voice Weather


79.4 F

(Temperature is Cooling within the last hour.)






0.00 inches 




Current Windspeed MPH

Current avg. windspeed - 0  MPH

Max for today - 18 MPH at 5:01 PM from a SSW direction.



Wind Direction

Avg. direction  in last 15 minutes




Current Humidity - 88%

High 100 % at 6:48 AM

Low 35 % at 4:46 PM



Current Barometer - 29.427 inches

Pressure trend in last 3 hrs. -  Falling rapidly


Fire Danger

Current forest fire index



Current Rain Gauge Data

Today's rain - 0.00  inches.

Rate rate - 0.00 in./hr.

Max. rain rate was 0.000 in./hr. at  00:00 AM

Storm total - 0.00 inches.

Current rain event duration - 0 minutes.


Rain Almanac

 Precipitation so far for September - 0.00 inches.

Precipitation total  for 2018 - 0.00 inches.

There have been 0 days since last rain event.

The date of the last rain event was - 10/14/2016.

There have been 0 days with rain in September.

  Local Forecast

 NWS Forecast Discussion Page

5-Day Precipitation Forecast


Current Surface Analysis

Rainfall information provided by CoCoRahs.org Join today and add your own rainfall data!


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Copyright 2015 Texas River Data.Com - Some information is provided by a private weather station and is not an officially recognized station for weather reporting. Though we strive to
achieve accurate reporting for our own use it is important that you do NOT depend on the data provided here for any purpose.   Please contact your local weather office for critical information.