B’n’M 2 Piece Crappie Jack Combo

In my earlier fishing report I mentioned fishing for crappie and white bass using my new B’n’M Crappie Combo rig. I really like this combination for fishing in brush tops and heavy cover. The big thing for me is that the rod is long enough to reach out into the brush tops and get your bait in the prime fishing spot, yet it is easy to take apart and store when not in use.

The small reel is mainly for line storage only and you use the setup like a cane pole. The reel does have a small crank and drag system so that you can use it like a standard reel if you so choose.

Trying out my new Crappie Combo!

Good points;

Easy storage and transportability. Different reel inserts can be purchased for quick change outs for different line weights. Cost is very reasonable. Quality is very good and the product is well made.

Bad Points;

The rod is a little heavy, but not too bad. The drag system is rather crude using nylon screws.

If you are looking for a new crappie rod setup this season I do recommend that you take advantage of this nice package deal!