Building a Wooden Jon

In this installment I have nearly finished the outside of the hull. I have gave the hull bottom it’s final coat of epoxy. This makes a total of five coats of epoxy on the outside of the hull. The last coat of epoxy is mixed with a powdered graphite to add abrasion resistance to the surface. This makes an extremely hard surface that stands up well to concrete boat ramps and rocks. As stated earlier I have used Raka brand epoxy throughout the build with very consistent and good results.

The hull is coated with System Three brand epoxy primer. Eventually the hull will be painted an olive drab color that is glossy.

The primer was rolled on using a small foam roller. It is very easy to apply and cures to a hard epoxy finish.

I am ready to turn the boat over soon and begin fitting out the interior. I need to get a carport built first to keep out the rain, so that will be slowing down my progress a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!