Fishing cart

A good fishing cart can be really handy when you fish from the bank or at the beach. Today there are many styles of fishing carts available and some are very well made with everything an angler needs! Let’s take a look at some….
fishing cartFishing carts are basically a small cart or wagon to contain all of your fishing gear and are designed to be loaded with equipment at your fishing destination and then pulled right up to the bank or beach. Usually every fisherman will customize his cart with accessories such as rod holders, cup holders, umbrellas etc. For those of us who don’t usually fish from a boat, a good fishing cart is VERY handy as you can keep all of your gear in the cart while in storage and quickly throw it in your car trunk or truck and head out fishing knowing that you already have everything you need in one place. No longer will you forget something or or have to make 5 trips from the car to the fishing spot to lug equipment back and forth.

A good fishing cart can be accessorized with just about anything you desire and protect your gear by keeping everything elevated and out of the sand or mud and water. Also you can have a little fun with accessories as we will cover in more detail below.

Basic Fishing Carts

Here are some examples of fishing carts that are both well made and reasonably priced. This first cart is made by Fish N Mate and is constructed of lightweight and non corrosive aluminum. fishing cartIt includes plenty of built in rod holders and has quality wheels and bearings. This fishing cart can be pretty easily modified if desired and is a good beginner model.

Next up is is the Angler’s Choice 310 cart also made by Fish N cart

This model has some very light weight wheels which are very buoyant for ease of use in sandy or muddy locations. It also has a detachable handle which is handy for compact storage when not in use.

Fishing Cart Accessories

Now that you have a cart picked out you can add a few good accessories. A good caddy pouch is very handy for storing pliers and scales and other often used tools.tool pouchA nice cup or water bottle holder is always handy and this one is adjustable to hold about any size cup, drink, or water bottle.cup holderumbrellaA good sun and rain umbrella is a wise choice as you will need it just about anytime that you fish.You will also want a good umbrella clamp to mount it with.umbrella clamp

Fishing Cart Fun!

Now to have a little fun, you could add a battery and inverter for a fan. You’ll thank me later for that idea on a blistering summer day! You can also add chair racks for fishing chairs, and the sky is the limit with what you can build. Here is a very nice professional model being used in Florida.Once you have your very own custom fish cart, you will wonder how you ever fished without it!