A New Fishing Map Feature!

At TexasRiverData.com we are constantly striving to add features and make our website useful to you. We all enjoy websites that actually do something helpful for us rather than just sitting there. We have added a new fishing map feature that will help you plan your trip and give you the advantage when you get out on the water. Let’s get started…..

We have probably all used the clunky old paper fishing maps at one time or another. Nothing is wrong with them and I always recommend that you keep one in your boat for emergencies. Now you can have an electronic map that will help you plan your fishing trip ahead of time that will give you far more detail about water conditions and even satellite imagery which is a huge benefit. How about being able to send your map to your cell phone to use out on the water with features such as weather radar imposed on the map along with GPS positioning?

We currently are in the beta testing phase of implementing this map for all of the rivers and lakes that we cover. At the moment the map is functional on the Trinity River page and the Lake Livingston page. Once we get some real-world testing reports in and get a few software bugs worked out, we will start adding the maps to each page on our website.

This is a preliminary version of our map feature and we will probably test several versions before the final product is worked out. We are all fisherman and if you are reading this blog, you already have enough tech savvy to appreciate what an advantage that high definition mapping can be. Our hope is that you find this useful and maybe a little fun too! What would our Fathers and Grandfathers think!