How to make a fishing net –

Learning how to make a fishing net is easier than you might think.

Want to know the best part?

cast net

All that is required is a net needle and some fishing line. I prefer to use tarred line as it is a little easier to manage and keep from unraveling while you tie your net. Here’s the deal:

The netting needle is the key to the whole net making process and is very easy to use.

Netting needles come in a variety of sizes and you can even carve your own from a piece of wood. Some people just like to carve the netting needles as a hobby and have that down to a fine art with beautiful designs carved from exotic woods. Most folks just use plastic versions that come in a variety of sizes. Here is a nice one to start out with that I found on Amazon:

Once you have your netting needle loaded with your choice of fishing line you are ready to make your first fishing net!

All of the explanations in the world cannot compare to a good video so here is a very nice explanation of the basic net tying technique.

It takes some practice with some trial and error, but just go slow and keep replaying this video and suddenly you will understand the basic principle. Once you have created your first starter row of loops to define the total width of your net, you just keep adding on to each loop to create the net length that you want.

That’s just about all there is to making a simple fishing net…

Eventually you will get so used to tying that you can watch TV and tie a net at the same time! Give this a try and have fun with all of the things that you can make out of netting!