Texas River Levels finally recede

Texas river levels are finally dropping slowly back to a normal state of flow.

This morning while checking the river water level data at TexasRiverData.com  you can see the rate of flow is decreasing on many rivers and nearly all of the Texas river levels are falling back to normal .  Here is a quick overview of what is happening right now…

Trinity River Bridge at Riverside, TX.

It looks as though we are seeing a return to our familiar summertime weather patterns with mainly sea-breeze driven rain showers along the coast and some diurnal driven convection in the inland areas. After record setting Spring and early Summer rain totals many lakes are at or near capacity once again.  The various Texas river levels are still taking the brunt of dam discharges around the state. Several Dallas area lakes are still releasing large flows into the Trinity River watershed that has kept that river up in the flood stages for over a month. The Trinity is slowly falling but if the area gets any rain at all, the river rises back up once again to flood stage.

The Brazos River also had an extended flood event but has receded back to near normal flows. The lower Brazos took the brunt of the damage, but there where several remarkable videos of the upper Brazos raging at flood stages. This is a good YouTube video by Daniel Pawlowski

The Guadalupe River is finally running back at normal flows since Canyon Lake has dropped back to full pool. I know that the various tubing businesses are happy to be back in action for the summer vacation crowds.

The Pecos and Devils Rivers are running at normal flows also for this time of year. The Sabine River in east Texas is finally starting to recede after significant flooding upstream.

The latest long-range weather forecast calls for the Texas river levels to slowly stabilize with near normal climate conditions for this time of year so hopefully those folks in the state that needed rain so badly have caught up and those who where flooded along the rivers can get back to their homes and begin to rebuild. Prayers to all!