Homemade Pork Sausage Recipe – Sportsman’s Blog

Pork Sausage Recipe A simple pork sausage recipe that we use all the time. We also use this as our standard base recipe that we then add any wild game meat to make it even better! We like to smoke our sausage links after we stuff them into sections about 2 feet long. Each link…

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Simple Fried Catfish Recipe

Most every fisherman has their own simple fried catfish recipe. But for those who have never cooked a delicious plate of fried catfish, here is a simple and basic recipe for a great plate of Texas style fried fish, so let’s get started! This recipe will work just as good on Bass, Crappie, or any…

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Antique outboard motors

Antique outboard motors. I admit it. I have a fondness for anything antique. Old outboard motors are found just about everywhere. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive new outboards being offered, then these tips might help you. Antique outboard motors Today’s outboard motors are remarkable in many ways, but the…

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