How To Build A Cheap Deer Feeder

A Cheap Deer Feeder.

I have used all kinds of deer feeders over the years and some types work better than others. The motorized type using a timer to sling corn around the feeder is very popular. They are prone to trouble though and the timers and batteries used to operate this type can be a nuisance. The types that use a stick to shake the corn out of a bucket also work pretty good except that they are difficult to set properly.

Anyone can learn how to build a cheap deer feeder

I believe that by using a few pieces of PVC drain pipe and a few fittings glued together is a great way to easily build your own feeder. These are so cheap that you may as well build several at a time and then set them out on your hunting property!

This type of feeder does have it’s advantages and disadvantages. It stores the corn nicely and is very easy to refill and clean after the season. One disadvantage is that hogs and coons can be a problem if you have those in the area.

Here’s How to build it;

You will need to purchase a length of 6″ PVC drain pipe, a “Y” fitting and two caps and some PVC glue. On my feeders I cut the pipe to 5 feet as this allows the feeder to hold a good bit of corn before refilling is necessary. I glue the Y fitting on one end of the pipe and then add a small 6″ section of pipe onto the bottom of the Y fitting. I drill some drain holes in one of the cap fittings to allow for rain water to drain out and the glue this onto the short section of pipe. The top cap is not glued so you can pop it off and refill the feeder. You can refer to the plans below to see how all of the pieces fit together.

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