Pier Fishing Tips

Here are some pier fishing tips and tricks.

Fishing from a pier can be a great way to get to some fish without using a boat. Here are some tactics and pier fishing tips that can help you catch more fish.  Let’s go over some of the finer points of pier fishing that most folks don’t realize…pier fishing tips


Pier Fishing tip #1

You usually don’t need to cast out very far. In fact I usually start jigging straight down at the pier pilings and work my way further out. Fish like structure and all those pilings make for great cover. Long piers in open water will almost always hold fish under the dock next to the pilings. I always find it amusing to see folks sitting on a pier casting out as far as they can and there is a guy in a bass boat casting as close as he can next to the pier! I have been guilty of this myself at times.

Pier Fishing Tip #2

On a sunny day if you wear polarized sunglasses they will cut down on the sun’s reflection and glare in the water and you get a better view straight down into the water. Looking for fish is an art in itself, but if you remain still and the water is reasonably clear or just slightly stained, you can see the shadowy figures of fish swimming around the pier. Don’t stomp around on the pier deck too much and just stay put for a few minutes and you will be amazed at the number of fish that you see.pier fishing tips and tricks

Pier Fishing Tip #3

Use live bait when possible. Here in Texas, shad is the number one most abundant live bait usually. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon after the sun gets low the shad start running in huge schools right next to bulkheads and yep, piers. Where the shad are running you can bet the fish are there too. While on the subject of live bait, if possible try not to use a cast net to catch shad off of the pier. This spooks the hell out of the fish around the pier and makes for lousy fishing. It’s not always possible, but try to catch your bait in another location, or at least throw your net off of the pier catching your bait and then put it away and get still and hopefully the shad and fish will return. If you fish a little and then start throwing the net and then fish again you will be certain to waste your efforts.

Pier Fishing Tip #4

If fishing on a sunny afternoon, look for the sun and find the shady areas under a pier. If the water under the pier is 5 feet deep or maybe shallower, the direct sun will really heat up the water during the day. This drives both the bait and fish into any shady areas under the pier. If it is sunny and hot outside, a good wide pier that produces lots of shade and structure will hold fish.

The next time you go out to a pier to sit in a chair and relax and fish, keep these tips in mind and you will consistently catch more.

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