Your Whitetail Pre-Season Prep Deadline is Almost Here

Time is approaching for your Whitetail pre-season prep.

This time of year many hunters are getting busy prepping their food plots, setting up hunting blinds and setting their game cameras. The time for your Whitetail pre-season prep is NOW in most areas of the country. In Texas the opening day for bow hunting Whitetail deer is Oct 1st. with the general season opening Nov. 5th. I live near a National Forrest and I am always dismayed at the hunters who show up to camp, make noise, shoot rifles all day on opening weekend. Most of these guys go home empty handed too.

 Get R Done and then get out

Most astute hunters will try to stay off their hunting property at least one month before the hunting season begins. This gives the deer time to acclimate to their surroundings and all human scent traces usually disappear also. If you are using tractors, four wheelers and trucks all over your property, you need to get that business done now and get ready to remove yourself afterwards.  Around the first week of September, most bucks will start losing their velvet off of their horns and begin to relocate to their Fall season range. You want your feeders to present the optimal safe feeding grounds to these deer and make them stick around. If you are still busy plodding all over the place, they will move someplace quieter.

If you are setting out game cameras also, make sure they have fresh batteries and sufficient memory space to collect the photos and then leave them alone. It’s hard to resist the temptation to check them everyday especially if they are nearby, but you’ll be better off to leave them be to do their job. Of course if you have set up the cellular game cameras, they will send you a photo to your phone every time they record something so that lets you have some fun viewing deer photos without physically visiting the camera location

How should I prepare?

You should trim the brush out of your shooting lanes and plant your food plots. You should also visit your stationary box blinds to clear out any wasps, spiders, rats, and any other creatures that may have moved in. If you need to scope your rifle, it’s always easiest to do that at a shooting range. Get your camp areas cleaned up and ready and then when opening day finally arrives, you can rest assured that your ready to slip in the area and the deer will be at their most relaxed and natural behavior.

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